2021 : An Inter School Event For Primary Classes



Living Beyond Books

We, at The Palm Academy, believe that education lies beyond the textbook and that true learning comes from self enquiry and research, from discussion, from extra reading and from encouraging the natural curiosity of young minds. We believe that it is important to ensure the overall development of their senses. The school encourages experimental learning through:


• Smart  • Day Picnics   • Model Classroom   • Trips & Excursions   • Adventure Camps


The arts at the school is seen as an effective & powerful medium of self exploration, self expression and tuning in to the inner self.



A. The Growing Year - Year 2 - Year 6:        


  • Learning is made interesting, fun and activity oriented at this level.
  • Students are encouraged to participate in class activities like singing, drawing, colouring, writing, group games, clay modeling, puzzles and ecitation. 
  • Focus is on laying foundation for literacy, numeracy and comprehension skills and on reinforcing and innate sense of discovery in everything that is taught. 


B. Primary Level - Class 1 to Class V:


  •  A  thematic approach is designed to stimulate the children through various interactive session and activities.
  •  Project works in class calls for mass participation. An equal emphasis is laid on developing a strong sense of individuality


C. Middle Level - Class VI to Class VIII:


  • The emphasis is laid on building up the structured student centered and enquiry based foundation laid at primary level.
  • The curriculum is research oriented and learning opportunities are provided through worksheets in classroom, laboratory time, computer labs and  group discussion.
  • Personality development is stressed through development of academic knowledge, the ability of question, sensory experiences and a honing of creative expressions.