2021 : An Inter School Event For Primary Classes





Mr. Salim Sherwani - We should never forget that Allah is the only one who can grant respect or disrespect to anyone he wants. And we can only achieve success in this life & the Aakhrat. We obey & follow his rules. Therefore, i am very hapy today that the Palm Academy is not only providing worldly education but Islamic Education also which will keep our children to become & above all a better human being with best qualities. (Inauguration Function 2012 )

Prof. Akhtarul Wasey- It is a great pleasure for me to be to speaking about a school like The Palm Academy, who have inculcated Islamic values along with the worldly education so beautifully. I wish & hope that there will be more schools like the The Palm Academy where our children can shine & prosper just as Sir Syed Ahmed Khan had dreamt that the children of India can only flourish when they have science in one hand, philosophy in the other & Islamic values in their heart. (Annual Function 2014)

Dr. Muqaddam - Today I saw our children who show us the beloved way of the Prophet (SAW), which helped me in my Ruhaniyat. The children have showed us how physically fit we need to be. I am really honored to be a witness what these children have presented today. They have shown how a holistic education should be. They have proven that education is not just for the body or mind but it is for the heart also. I would like to give a heartfelt congratulation to the Palm Academy for nurturing the talents of these children & presenting it so beautifully. No doubt they have done a tremendous job the whole year, the result of which has astonished us greatly. -(Annual Function 2015)

Maulana Mahmood A. Madani - To achieve success in life the complete balance of education is necessary, the example of which has been shown by The Palm Academy. I would like to congratulate the school or its success & for the beautiful performance of the students. The huge effort behind this success cannot be neglected.

Mr. Siraj Qasmi - I very humbly congratulate The Palm Academy for their great effort to provide Islamic Education with Modern education. Their aim to provide Hifz for selected students along with their school education is very much note-worthy.


P.A. Inamdar - In today's age to talk about teaching a class on black-board & chalk is a crime according to me. For ages the talents & search for a good teacher is going on but new technology is giving the answer to that. If we don't accept technology into our lives then we will be left far behind . Therefore, I am greatly thankful to the Palm Academy for providing a world class education system based on technology. The smart classes that are being provided by this school will greatly help our children to get ready to face the world when they will come out of the school life. Once again I would like to congratulation The Palm Academy for this amazing contribution to society. (Teacher's Training Programme in Pune)

Qari Usman Sb. Mansoorpuri - We know that to make our aakhrat peaceful, to achieve Jannat in aakharat Islamic education is of utmost importance, in the same manner to achieve success in today's world, modern education has also become important. And I would like to congratulate The Palm Academy for providing both these education & that too with best available tools. (Foundation Stone Ceremony)